Professional Email Address

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It’s easy to overlook the use of a personalized, branded, professional email given the myriad of free email options available today. But for small companies in today’s competitive market, using your brand name is how one business can stand out from another.

What are the Benefits of Using a Professional Email Address?

You may be wondering, “What’s the big deal?” It turns out, a professional email address is a very big deal. According to Verisign’s 2015 US Online Survey,74% of consumers agreed that they would trust a company-branded email address rather than a free email address and 71% of small businesses agreed that using a company-branded email could make their business appear more credible. Verisign research also found that 65% of consumers agreed that a company-branded email address is more credible than a business using a free email account.

A Business Email Address Builds Credibility

Let’s say you own a landscaping business. If you send out magnificent promotional materials by email from your generic Yahoo address, they may wind up in trash boxes because customers may not trust your email to open it, or trust that your business will be around tomorrow. If, however, you are a real estate agent and you send the emails from, you look legit right off the bat. This kind of email is called a branded email, and that brings us to the next big benefit.

Brand Recognition

Chances are you will have competition for your landscaping business. You’ll have to do something to differentiate your landscaping business. Since most landscaping businesses offer similar services, your success depends on developing a recognizable, consistent brand.

Less Than the Cost of Lunch

In truth, setting up your professional email is inexpensive and easy. It can often be bundled with the registration of a domain name or added on later for a small monthly fee. The first step is to register a domain name, which you can get today for as little as $9 (insert link) a year.

You’re A Big Deal

Unlike professionally branded email, generic email from free providers may give the impression that your business lacks experience and staying power. By using a professional email address, you are conveying that you are credible and serious about your business.

Get Started Now

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