You Need a Domain Name

A domain name gives you three great ways to represent yourself online.

Your domain is your identity on the Web, and like so many other things in life — “there can be only one.” One of every possible domain, that is. You see, once someone has registered a domain name no one else can register the same one unless the original registrant lets it go.

Choose Your Domain Name

How To Choose Your Domain Name

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make for your business is to choose a domain name for your website. It can be fun, but your goal should be for your customers to find you without extra effort. There are certain techniques you can use to pick the perfect name that expresses what you do or sell while allowing potential customers to find you quickly.

Professional Email Address

Professional Email 101

Have you ever just deleted an email from a business or marked it as spam because it looks suspicious? It might have been something like In fact, your spam filter, or even your antivirus software, might have flagged it and deleted it automatically. Avoid this boondoggle by using a professional email address.